How recruiters are using Social Media?

How recruiters are using Social Media?

This time I would like to dedicate some time to analyze the following picture/graph that I’ve found by myself browsing the “Pinterest” network.


In the first hand  we can see the 3 most potential social networks for recruitiment 2.0 such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, but which are the most used?

  • Linkedin (48%)
  • Facebook (1%)
  • Twitter (1%)

So, we can deduce that Linkedin is ”taking all the cake” because at the same time the 21 % of the recruiters are complementing it with Twitter recruiting actions, and finally a very few ones are exclusively focused exclusively on complement Twitter and Facebook (1%)

In the other hand we can appreciate  that linkedin’s contacts average per recruiter or head hunter contacts is highly extreme (616), while in other social networks such Twitter the  75% of recruiters have less than 100 followers. Facebook stats are a little much higher because just only the 21% of recruiters have less than 50 friends or fans.

Another important fact to interpret is the number of connections acquired per week  and Linkedin (18.5) has much more than Facebook (1.5) or Twitter (3.1).

Finally I’d like to add that even the visibility of job openings are usually much more effective inLinkedin (5.7 times more than Facebook and 3 times more than Twitter). Twitter network is more potential in order to display this job offers and get viewed by candidates (8.4 times greater than Facebook and 2.8 times than the Linkedin).


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